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Our Services

All Inner West Neighbour Aid services and projects are designed and delivered to promote social inclusion and/or independent living. We want our clients to live at home for as long as they can and to maintain their links to the wider community. We offer a wide range of services from gardening and practical support to social outings and home visiting. We are constantly assessing and reassessing our services and the services of the wider community to identify unmet needs and aim to, wherever we can, bridge those gaps.


Our Clients

To become a client of Inner West Neighbour Aid, specific HACC eligibility guidelines must be adhered to, and in certain projects there are additional IWNA criteria which must be satisfied. For the most part, eligible clients are residents of the Inner West who are frail older people, people with disabilities or are a carer; who receive a full pension and are at risk of social isolation or premature institutionalisation.

Our Volunteers

Volunteers are integral to our capacity to provide valuable services to the community. We have a broad variety of volunteering opportunities to suit all schedules, interests and abilities - from gardening to dog walking, social outings to administration. IWNA is committed to enhancing the volunteering experience by offering regular training sessions and social functions.

All of our volunteers undergo police clearances and reference checks before beginning work on projects.

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